Spend less time on administration and more time raising funds.

Quick Setup
Simply fill in your tournaments information and within a few days you will have polished, custom website page for your players and sponsors to register
Everything Is Online
It's time to ditch the old-fashioned way of managing tournaments manually with PDF's and Excel. With WayPoint everything is online, all in one place
Embedded Social Media
Having guests register online in advance allows your tournament to sell quickly through embedded social media that generates invites and referrals
Detailed real-time analytics and reporting on players, sponsors  and revenue, takes the guesswork out of managing your tournament

What happens when you empower tournament organizers and engage players?


Better Turnouts,  Happy Golfers,  Increased Revenues

Raising money for charity, team building corporate events or just getting a group of friends together
for a day on the course.
Whatever reason you have for hosting a golf tournament, the WayPoint platform is designed to reduce the overall administrative tasks for the tournament organizer and golf course by 60% or more.


Before WayPoint, golf courses were reliant on paper based manual registration  processes as the main solution for tournaments that are hosted at their venues.
By rolling out future tournaments on the WayPoint platform, golf courses can support the tournament organizer with the right tools to simplify the admin process, while adding new data capture fields and analytics that benefit the golf course.
Get ready to engage with tournament organizers at your course like never before! 
Anyone who has ever organized a golf tournament knows just how challenging it can be. The administrative burden and time commitment put on an organizer can be very overwhelming
With the WayPoint software, not only does it decrease the admin tasks by over 60%, but it also allows the organizers to engage with the players and the sponsors in ways that were never possible before.
Let WayPoint simplify your next event and make it an enjoyable experience for all.
Setting up a golf tournament is one of the best ways to raise funds for your local charity or fundraiser.
We understand the tasks of organizing an event to reach your goals, is no small feat.
With the WayPoint software you can connect with and register  potential players and sponsors in real-time allowing you to raise money faster and more securely.
We are ready to help achieve those charitable goals and give back to the cause you're passionate about.


We are revolutionizing the way golf tournaments are promoted and players register for events.


The user experience is the same across all devices and offers organizers and players a true mobile solution.


"Utilizing WayPoint ensures that you are well prepared for your player registrations the day of the event, which improves the tournament’s overall success"

Make your next golf tournament a memorable one with WayPoint!

Book a software demo, chat with us, or simply ask us a question.
We are here to help :)

At WayPoint, we’re a golf lifestyle brand that’s providing a fresh new way of delivering golf tournament marketing and player registrations.


By combining an amazing team with a software platform that seamlessly connects tournaments to players, courses and sponsors, we create more successful events while promoting the game of golf.

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