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Our love for golf drives who we are and what we do.
Our story

Our Story. 

At WayPoint we’ve uncovered that the golf industry has simply not kept up with the times when it comes to tournament marketing, promotion, registrations and player engagement. Since the onset of social media marketing, mobile integration and website optimization, golf courses and tournament organizers seem to be lagging.


So we built WayPoint to be a golf lifestyle brand, that provides a fresh new way of delivering golf tournament marketing through our unique and secure software platform. We love the game and when we aren’t building our technology, or signing up new customers, we’re watching, playing, or enjoying a beverage at the 19th hole talking about this great game.


You've all heard that fabled tale about the business that originated on a napkin... well at WayPoint, its true! Although we started off small, we've quickly grown into a leader in the golf tournament industry. In order to continually reach our lofty goals, WayPoint relentlessly focuses on the execution of its marketing initiatives and customer support. Having the founders, employees, investors and partners all passionate about golf and what WayPoint represents, means we truly live the work hard, play hard philosophy.


Golf is a game built on tradition, but that doesn’t mean golf tournament marketing needs to be. 

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We'd love to help make your next tournament great, please contact the WayPoint Team to learn more.

                                                                                                                          Team WayPoint
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