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Women and Golf

March 14, 2017


Now that WayPoint has been announced as the official tournament registration software for Golf Fore the Cure, an all-women golf tournament dedicated to promote and support for the fight against breast cancer, we have noticed something paramount about the game of golf. That is, we’ve taken notice to something absurd, perplexing—and frankly, a little upsetting. So, here it goes:


Not that many women play golf.


Yes, we said it. There seems to be a huge lack in amateur women golfers across the country—and this has remained unchanged for decades. Although the number of golfers in North America totals over thirty million, women only make up about 20 percent of this. So, we decided to look further into these numbers to see just exactly why women aren’t rushing to the golf course en masse.


Before we begin, we just want to make something clear—women have always played golf. Since golf became the game that it is today, there has always been women golfers, and good ones at that. Take a look at one of Canada’s most popular golfers, Brooke Henderson, for instance. We aren’t here trying to say that there are zero women playing the game; more so, we want tackle the issue of not having enough women golfers today. 


OK, so now that we’ve cleared that up, lets get down to the real issue. Why don’t more women play golf? I mean, its apparent that golf has sustained itself as a sport for a very long time—which means popularity isn’t the reason women aren’t playing as much.


After some research, we found out a few things about the issue:


Firstly, golf is a business sport. Business men (and women…) use golf as a means of connecting to one another. Whether it’s bonding with clients, or playing a game with your boss, that time on the course will undoubtedly help your career. PGA records that 80% of golfers believe that it an important business tool.[2] In this male-dominated world of business we live in, women need to be active in trying to build relationships with their business partners—both in and outside of the workplace.


Secondly, golf is an active game. Not only can it help build relationships with your coworkers and clients, but it can also help you live longer. According to a Swedish study, playing golf regularly can add up to five years to your life.[1] Who doesn’t want that, right? 


So, why exactly aren’t there more women golfers in North America?


Well, as we mentioned previously, golf has always been a male-dominated sport. With women making up only 20% of North American golfers, its obvious as to why women aren’t as eager to pick up a club. In some instances, women may even feel unwelcome on the course with her male counterparts. With that said—boys, next time you go out for a game, make sure to invite your female coworkers too! Even if they refuse, a simple invitation may go a long way in getting them to feel more comfortable.


There’s several other issues involved with women and the golf course. For one, fear of being inferior is likely a huge factor for women. Being a newcomer is intimidating in any right, so trying to play a game alongside (amateur) pro-golfers probably isn’t the best way to begin a new hobby. With that said, ladies, there is no point in being nervous or afraid—seriously, do men really care about anything? Going out and trying is the best way to show your interest in the other golfers on the course!


Moral of the story, everyone loves hanging out with friends, enjoying the outdoors, and scratching a certain competitive itch—which is pretty much golf summed up in one sentence. There’s still a long way to come if we want more women playing golf, but addressing the issue is always the biggest obstacle.


So, ladies, please don’t be shy on the course! From one woman to another, the only way to become more comfortable with the game is to start playing.



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