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Gift Ideas for that Tricky Client

Clients are arguably the most important element to any business. Keeping your clients satisfied and happy with your business is what will keep them in the long run. Essentially, the relationship between a business and its customers is what makes the company what it is - so when it comes to “thank you” gifts, it is important to go all-out.

You want to show your clients that you are genuinely thankful for their time, money, and business. So, although the “I’m bribing you with an expensive bottle of wine” gift will work - it wont work well. We can all attest to the fact that overused gifts are kind of lackluster; instead, try some of the ideas we’ve listed below to ensure that your clients will be pleasantly surprised.

Give an Experience:

Giving experiential gifts may be one of the best ways to keep your clients intrigued. From cooking classes to a trip to dive with great white sharks, giving experienced-based gifts to your clients is a fun and different way to give thanks. With that said, make sure the experience you decide on is appropriate to both your business and to the clients. Diving with great whites, for one, is probably not the best gift to give; it was only a suggestion. So, please, don't.

A Business Book:

To our surprise, giving a business book as a gift to clients is actually quite common. Whether it is an e-book or a hard-copy, relevant books can be extremely rewarding for your client. With this said, they should be relevant and tactile for the best outcome. Try having a look at this website for a list of 10 top recommended business books on the market:

A Membership:

There are so many magazine and membership programs to choose from that this can be an intimidating gift to give. However, once you find the perfect membership program, every month like clock-work it’ll show up on your clients door, and they’ll be pleasantly reminded of you and your business. For membership ideas, take a took HERE:

A Donation on their Behalf:

After reading one woman’s experience of a business donating to a charity on her behalf, we realize just how important doing something like this may be for a business/client relationship. For smaller businesses, giving a gift like this may be the best way to build this close-knit relationship you're looking to have with your clients. The real opportunity in this instance is to find out what causes resonate with the receiver.

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