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Being Environmentally Responsible: How and Why You Should Make Your Event Paperless

April 23, 2017



Paperwork is a hassle, it’s is a known fact. Anyone anywhere who has had to deal with paperwork—or any administrative duty for that matter—can attest to the exhaustion that comes along with managing a load of documents.


Thankfully in recent years there has been a spike in “Sustainable” or “Green” events, which essentially are events that are environmentally-friendly.  A Green Event is one that is organized with the goal of minimizing waste and promoting sustainable actions; it goes beyond simply recycling alone, and instead takes a whole systems approach to the vast flow of resources and waste that can be generated when organizing an event.[1]


So, you may be thinking: “how does being eco-friendly help me with my administrative tasks?”


Ah! We’re glad you asked!


See, in the modern world of event organizing technology has become more than just an acquaintance; it has become a confidante. Technology offers a variety of ways to get paperwork completed in a quick and efficient manner—all while simultaneously eliminating the task of deciphering illegible handwriting.


If you’re an event planner, you can agree that utilizing digital platforms is arguably the most efficient means of organization; it creates an all-encompassing stage for the management of tasks. With this said, switching to an online administration and registration platform for your event not only reduces your overall workload by a ton, but it also is the eco-friendliest means of managing an event. 


Online even registration sites, like ours here at WayPoint (, operate to improve all aspects of your event, including the planning, player registration, and data collection processes. Instead of manually inputting Excel spreadsheets and PDFs—which are not only a total pain, but also completely wasteful—try using a digital platform.


We guarantee that by utilizing an online platform you will not only save yourself a lot of work, but you will also be “Going Green”—and who doesn’t want to brag about that?


Here are some of the other ways you can make your event “Sustainable”:


  • Choose a “Green” caterer

  • Make sure to have garbage, recycling, and compost bins on-site

  • Encourage car-pooling and alternative transportation for guests

  • Collect left-over materials and save them for later events

  • Promote sustainability


And lastly,


  • Minimize printed materials by choosing WayPoint!


Check out our website at for more information about our "green" registration platform. 





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