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The Top 10 Golf Instagram Accounts to Follow

We've rounded up our picks for the best - and potentially underrated - golf instagram accounts in the game. From beer companies to "washed up" MLB players, check out these golf accounts for insights, tips, and most of all - gorgeous pictures!

1. The Caddy Girls

Instagram Name: thecaddygirls

The Caddy Girls are a professional group of female caddies based out of Myrtle Beach. The concept was first aired on Shark Tank and has taken off ever since! This inspiring group of ladies runs a pretty kick-ass Instagram page too.

2. Ryan Ren

Instagram Name: rren01

He’s a self-proclaimed family man and golf fanatic. Ren posts pictures of some of the most beautiful golf courses across the US of A, including the likes of Balboa Park Golf Course in San Deigo, and the gorgeous Wolf Creek Golf Club in Nevada.

3. Triple Bogey

Instagram Name: triplebogey

The beer and brewing company Triple Bogey is a local favourite around the GTA (for our Canadians out there!). Not only is their Instagram page entertaining, but the beer is good… like, really good. Check them out for their latest deals and promotions!

4. Channing Benjamin

Instagram Name: channingbenjaminphotography

Professional photographer Benjamin’s Instagram page is a sight to see. He posts beautiful scenic landscapes from golf courses around the world. Benjamin is what some call an "innovator" in the field of golf technology.

5. Girls that Golf

Instagram Name: girlsthatgolf

Because, why not? This Instagram page is dedicated to posting photos and videos of some of America’s most talented (amateur) ladies. Their golf swings can’t be beat!

6. Golf Gods

Instagram Name: golf_gods

This mildly inappropriate Instagram account centers around all things golf – which happen to be a little too NSFW. Check out their adults-only page for a good laugh.

7. Golf Threads Blog

Instagram Name: golfthreadsblog

Labelled the “PGA Tour Style Insider”, this Instagram page posts pictures of the latest golf fashion trends (we know what you’re thinking… and yes, golf fashion exists.)

8. Golf’s Best Moments

Instagram Name: golfbestmoments

Well, the name says it all. Check out this account for the best moments in golf history, including throwbacks from legends like Phil Mickelson.

9. Jeff Flagg

Instagram Name: jdflagg

Flagg is a long-drive champion and former ("washed up" as he calls it) professional baseball player… But according to his Instagram page, he’s also a total gym buff. Check out his page and get inspired!

10. Make The Turn Golf

Instagram Name: mttgolf

Make The Turn is an innovative training and development company dedicated to creating winning strategies for nutrition, lifestyle, and more! The company creates coaching initiatives for golfers to improve their skills. We found their Instagram page enjoyable and insightful.

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