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The Best Tournament Features for Your Event

Planning a golf tournament can be a daunting task, ask anybody.

The administrative duties alone require an abundance of time and energy. With that said, having a fun and memorable tournament is one of the primary means of maintaining player retention—thus, it is important to make your tournament as original and exciting as you can. So, without further ado, we've found the best solution for making your event memorable:

Unique tournament games and contests.

Having different games and contests for your tournament is an easy way to have players returning to your next event. We can all agree that nothing is worse than overused contests and games; it begins to feel like you are attending the same golf tournament year after year.

So, we've compiled a list of some different tournament games and contest ideas for your event:

Straightest Drive

This type of game replaces the Longest Drive—for those people who might not be able to hit the ball far, but can hit it straight. Other options are Closest the Curve, where instead of a straight line you draw a zigzag on the course. Whoever lands on closest to the white line, wins. Closest to the Curve can be fun since its all about luck! Anyone can win.

Wheel of Fortune Hole

Buy-in to “spin the wheel”, where you split the options into beneficial ones such as: “proceed to the green to putt”, or “hole-in-one”, or “everyone gets an extra drive” – and silly ones, such as “Dance like Michael Jackson after putting”, or “Do 10 jumping-jacks before you tee off”.

Worst Ball

Try reversing the normal format of features. Pretty much, you select the worst of the four tee shots, and everyone plays from there. Then after that, you pick the worst shot. This can be a hilarious game to play! Good players will sharpen their skills, while the bad players… Well, they’ll be happy when they’re winning!

Giveaway Booths

These are one of the most popular features of a tournament! Bottled water booths at tee boxes can be essential add-ons on hot or muggy days, especially if alcohol is being consumed on course. A great sponsor opportunity could be handing our logo’d water bottles, or other apparel, or even just setting up a station with signage of the sponsor.

Now, these are just some generic game and contests for your tournament. If you have a specific theme accompanying your tournament, it’s a good idea to think of some games that relate specifically to the theme.

For instance:

If you’re organizing a golf tournament for a hockey team, or baseball team, try playing “Closest to the Line” where you put a net or a home plate as a target for people to try to reach. This will not only generate competition, but will also directly relate to the theme of your event.

And this goes for all themed-tournaments! Try to make the games as original and as unique as possible for the most successful tournament possible.

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