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How to Promote Your Event via Social Media

Social media is arguably the best (and cheapest) promotional platform available today. Social networking and photo-sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are excellent ways to promote just about anything, including your next golf tournament.

With that said, we’ve listed some of the most ideal ways to promote your next tournament with WayPoint through social media:

1. Create a Hashtag:

A custom hashtag made specifically for your event can enhance social buzz, increase participation, and even boost attendance. When creating your twitter hashtag, try to keep it as short and simple—but make sure its still relevant to the event your hosting.

2. Create an Event Page on Facebook:

Creating an event page on Facebook gives your friends and family the opportunity to share the page, which will hopefully generate buzz with the public. Its also an easy way to have all of your event information in one screen! For even more publicity, promote your event on your business’s Facebook page (if you have one). People who come to your business page will learn about your event as well.

3. Create an Event Info-graphic:

Using visuals in your social media posts will generate a lot more interaction than text-based posts do. Using a user-friendly graphic design site like or are the best and easiest ways to create a simple graphic that’s specific to your event.

4. Post A Short Video from Similar Previous Events:

Videos are another great way to increase interaction with your event. People LOVE videos—or any visuals for that matter. Show your attendees what they will expect from your next event by creating highlights from the previous year.

5. Create a Geo-Filter for your Event on Snapchat:

Snapchat's popularity has been growing exponentially in the past few years. Businesses are even using Snapchat to promote their products and any special offers they might have. Creating a geo-filter (which is a custom, branded location tag that appears on your Snapchat lens when you’re close in proximity to the location) is a great way to increase awareness for your event—and it's relatively cheap, too!

Good luck promoting your next tournament!

Did You Know?

Having guests register online in advance allows your tournament to sell quickly through embedded social media that generates invites and referrals? Book a demo of WayPoint today to learn more!

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