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WayPoint Partners with East Coast Golf Management

As you may know, WayPoint is an innovative golf tournament registration platform designed to make the planning and organizing of golf events easier for everyone. Convenience is our mantra, simplicity is our motto - and don't even get us started on our web design. We like to think ourselves as the new generation of golf technology.

Not to toot our own horn (we haven't yet, have we?) but if you're looking for the easiest and cheapest way to host your golf tournament registration online, look no further than WayPoint.

With that said, lately a lot of organizations and businesses alike have jumped on the WayPoint bandwagon. We assume this is because not only do we provide a platform for individual tournament organizers, but for golf courses and charities, too.

Charity events use WayPoint to connect with and register potential players and sponsors in real-time, allowing them to raise and collect funds faster. Golf courses, on the other hand, use WayPoint to support their own tournament organizers with the right tools to simplify the admin process, while adding new data capture fields that benefit the golf course.

Corporations like ClubLink and Kaneff, two Canadian-based golf management companies, are already using our software in hopes of generating thousands of additional revenue for each of their courses and clubs.

Which brings us to the real news at hand... East. Coast. Golf. Management.

East Coast Golf Management just recently partnered with WayPoint to provide their software to the tournament organizers at each of their twenty-plus golf courses in the United States (hold the applause). The announcement comes at an opportune time for both companies, as WayPoint just released a revamped version of their software, WayPoint 2.0. This "revamp" comes with a slick new web design, adds visual milestones for planning, drag & drop tee assignments, printed cart signs and tee sheets, in-depth sales analytics, and a simplified check-out process.

Essentially, the partnership will allow tournament organizers at East Coast Golf courses to focus on their charitable planning and fundraising efforts, rather than allocating time and resources on manual administrative tasks. The golf management company recognizes the benefit of using the WayPoint registration platform specifically designed to create the best tournament experience for players, organizers, and course staff in a highly competitive and dynamic golf market.

East Coast Principal, Mike Buccerone, says of the partnership:

"From a management perspective, we can easily see where organizers stand in the planning process. There's no more back and forth between players, organizers and course staff, it’s all there in one system. WayPoint is going to save a lot of headaches on the course level and generate new customer data to help them grow.”

East Coast Golf will exclusively offer the WayPoint platform to their courses and tournament organizers creating a centralized snapshot of each course's tournaments in real time. WayPoint can enhance each of East Coast Golf’s services, including food and beverage operations, sales and marketing operations, guest services, and administration.

About WayPoint Golf™ WayPoint is providing a fresh new way of delivering golf tournament marketing and player registrations. The WayPoint platform empowers tournament organizers by reducing the time required to coordinate and manage golf tournaments. By combining an amazing team with software that seamlessly connects tournaments to golfers, courses and sponsors, we create more successful events, while promoting the game of golf.

Please visit to learn more.

About East Coast Golf East Coast Golf Management is involved in golf course management and marketing is the owner and operator of 20+ private, semi-private, and public golf courses in North and South Carolina. With its roots in of the largest and toughest of golf markets in the nation, East Coast Golf Management has developed efficient methodologies extended to a growing group of courses nationally. The company was developed with several goals in mind, including developing and managing golf properties, preserving the values of the guest’s golf experiences, and to capitalize on their own operation expertise.

Please visit to learn more.

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