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Staying Cool on the Course

Hydration is key!

But you knew that already, right? Drinking water is one the of the most important things that people forget to do on hot summer days. Drink plenty of water before you get on the course and keep the H2O flowing!

If you plan on playing a full 18 holes on a hot day, bring sports drinks like Gatorade to keep up your energy levels. Don’t forget a cold beer is always key to keeping cool on the course!

Wearing light coloured clothing! Light colours reflect the sun’s heat away from your body, save the dark colour for a cloudy day. This includes your hat as well; a light colour will really help. Pro shops will always have golf attire for purchase if something is forgotten at home.

SUNBLOCK! You are not stronger than the sun! Much of the new golf apparel has sunblock technology built into the fabric. When playing in strong sun or on desert courses wear long-sleeve shirts to protect from the sun. But, always use sunblock on any skin that might be showing. A full game of golf can last up to 4 hours and that’s a long time to be exposed to the sun. Take it with you, your sweat will wash it away over the day.

Bring cooling towels. There are two ways to do this:

The DIY version is to soak a hand towel in cold water, roll it up and freeze. Before you leave, place it in a cooler (if you’re bring a small one) or store in a pocket in your golf bag, it should stay cool awhile.

The other option is to buy a cooling towel. These can be found in sports and outdoor goods stores. The towel is made of hyper-evaporative material which retains water but remains dry to touch.

Hopefully these tips will help you stay cool and hydrated while you're playing. Remember, although beer is a necessity while on the course, it actually dehydrates you more than anything. Always have water with you!

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