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Three Prizes That’ll Create Buzz for Your Golf Tournament

WayPoint Golf not only offers the best golf tournament management software, but we also have some pretty great ideas for golf tournament prizes!

When you’re hosting a tournament, you want there to be the right incentive to compete for first place. After 18-holes of stiff competition, you don’t want to bogey the 19th with a lackluster prize. Remember, the better the prize, the better the marketing buzz for your tournament!

Exotic Getaway

Be the tournament whose first place winner can sip the graphite-infused nectar of victory at a five-star all-inclusive resort. Given the right marketing initiative, the links-loving masses will be sharpening their back swings, fine-tuning their putting stroke, and studying old tapes of Jack Nicklaus, all for the chance to reap your reward!

We suggest somewhere with a golf course… but maybe we’re a little biased.

Speaking of which:

A Round at a High-End Course

Offer the victors of a scramble a round at a local high-end golf course with PGA lineage. While we’re not saying strike a deal with Augusta, using whatever resources you have to find the best course possible will mean more players in your tournament. People love to “emulate the pros” and playing on the same courses as the best in the world, adds a certain cache to your first place award!

Golf Club(s)

The chance to win the latest, highest performing, state-of-the-art driver, will turn the interest in your tournament into a fever pitch! Low-handicappers and duffers alike strive for the biggest name, lightest, carbon fiber shaft with the most precise sweet spot, making a top-of-the-line driver, an ideal prize for a top-5 finish!

These are some pretty big ticket prizes, so how can you afford them? That’s where WayPoint Golf comes into play- our registration software will save you time and money, and help take the stress out of organizing your tournament.

Book a demo today, and learn more about our golf tournament management software!

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