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Marketing Your Golf Business During Off-Season

We get it. The leaves are changing colour, the temperature is getting colder, and your month-to-month profits are packing it in for the season. You can lay low until April, when the Masters gets people golf-minded, or you can take some initiative with your own marketing during leaner months.

Just like Happy Gilmore learning to putt so he could compliment his monstrous drive, you need to improve upon your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. The right changes in your marketing game plan, and the time of year that’s always been a fiscal bogey, will be where you do some of your best scoring!

Website’s are like Back swings, They Always Need Fine Tuning

You won’t be inundated with the groundswell of clients brought on by the heart of the season, meaning you’ll have time to make useful changes to your website:

  • Search engine optimization will allow you to rank for organic searches

  • Make sure your current website copy is engaging and direct (avoid industry terms because they’re difficult to understand)

  • Every page requires a clear call-to-action, or else you’ll be missing out on leads

  • Effective landing pages are single-minded, and focused on one product

  • Demo videos of your product will educate site-visitors and future clients

  • Get your tournament registration pages booked and created before next season

Keep in the Social Consciousness

By posting helpful, clever, or downright hilarious content on your social media page, you’ll generate goodwill towards your brand. Blogs create a consistent source of fresh content for your website, which aids in SEO, because google loves quality content like we love the idea of a 300-yard drive.

Hire a social media specialist or blogger, with a legitimate marketing, advertising, and golf background. It will cultivate a unique voice for your brand, and establish you as an authority within your industry.

Remember: Golf is about Tradition

With the digital landscape being the driving force of most company’s advertising, brands forget the effectiveness of traditional print and advertising. A well-placed bus shelter ad, poster or an original idea for a direct mail campaign will pay dividends in brand recognition.

If you offer strictly business-to-business services, a memorable, outside-of-the-box business card or brochure that does the trick. Creating tactile, concrete print items, make your advertising a keepsake instead of an annoying internet pop-up banner ad that people will close and forget immediately.

WayPoint Golf offers tournament registration software that’ll give your business time to focus on marketing strategies!

Book a demo today, and learn more about our golf tournament management software!

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