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The Right Course for Your Company Golf Tournament

What’s the Right Course for Your Company Golf Tournament?

Your boss has just asked you to organize a golf tournament for your company. The second thought that pops into your head, after "Oh dear, who can I pass this off to", is likely "I'm not a member of a club, why pick me? Where do I start!?" Start simple: pick a venue.

Whether you’re fundraising, looking to network, or boosting workplace morale—it's important to choose a golf course that jives with the goals of your tournament. A day of golf at the wrong course will make next year’s attendance seem as desirable as four-putting the 18th green.

Match to Players' Skill Level

It's tempting to look past the skill level of your players and pick a course that is extra challenging/renowned. The prestige of the club only associates positively with your tournament, right? And, it's a company golf tournament not a PGA event, does anyone care if scores are a little inflated?

Reasonable thoughts, but consider the length of the round. No one wants to play in a tournament that stretches 6+ hours because the course is too challenging. Throwing you players to the wolves for a bit of fun sounds like a fine idea at first. But upon further consideration know that your tournament will be a bigger success at a course more suited to your players' skill level.

If your tournament caters mostly to casual or novice golfers consider an executive or par 3 course. If your boss is a golfing aficionado... maybe your local course that was once in the running to host the US Open is a strong option?


Amenities and Experience

A golf tournament is often a lot more than just a golf tournament. Thinking of offering a lunch BBQ pre or post golf? Want to encourage networking with a cocktail reception/dinner after the round? Fundraising with a silent auction?

It is important to consider all of the 'extra-curricular's that you hope to offer at your tournament and make sure that the venue that you choose can accommodate them.


Other Things to Consider

Green Fees/Cost: This has likely been on your mind since the top of this article. It goes without saying that choosing a course that is within your budget - and the budget of your players - is an important consideration. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that.

Location: You'll want to choose a course that is located reasonably close to where your coworkers live. People will be willing to travel to your tournament, but make sure not to stretch the distance too far. You don't want Bill from Finance to be stuck with a couple of expensive taxi receipts after being 'over-served' at your tournament!

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