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How to Plan an Eerily Good Halloween Golf Tournament

Plan an Eerily Good Halloween Golf Tournament

Halloween really tickles us at WayPoint—in a stabbing, blood-filled sort of way. The eeriness in the October air makes everyone embrace their inner dark side, and can lead to a memorable golf tournament.

Remember, your tournament needs to live up to ex-spook-tations! But that doesn’t mean you should double, double, toil and trouble yourself with worry. WayPoint will help you plan a bone-chilling Halloween golf tournament with the following helpful (re: scary) guidelines.

Don’t Enforce Costumes

Have you ever tried to play a round of golf dressed as Pumba from the Lion King? It’s encumbering to say the least. Elaborate costumes don’t necessarily lend themselves to smooth back swings (especially if your costume involves a jet pack). It’s also stressful for participants to think up costume ideas and to pay for costumes.

Plan Golf-Friendly Themes

The vast majority of players will want to dress up. Choose a theme that is sympathetic towards quality play. A 1920s Boardwalk Empire or Great Gatsby themed tourney lines up with links attire, allowing for a competitive round of golf.

We recommend a zombie golfer theme. You could even provide the zombie make-up, so your participants can be as mortifyingly hideous as they please while wearing standard golf apparel!

Staff and Decoration

You’ll need to set the ambience for your tourney but you can’t exactly have a sasquatch pop out of a bunker. So, ensure the staff is dressed up and your clubhouse is decorated to the nines with blood stains and witch brains.

Don’t take any half measures either—if you’re promoting a Halloween inspired tourney, go all out, spending on quality decorations for your desired atmosphere. If costumes and decorations are bought from the dollar store the night before, your tournament will be as memorable as—wait what’s that guy’s name again?

Host A Post-Round Party

Your tournament shouldn’t begin at the 1st hole and end at the 18th. After all, Halloween is synonymous with a good time, so don’t let anyone leave without having one! Before the round starts and after it ends, partying in a haunted clubhouse filled with booze and candy will give participants good reason to come back next year.

Planning a costume-themed tournament takes a lot of thought and preparation. That’s why WayPoint makes tournament software simple and easy, affording you the time to plan the best golf tournament possible!

Book a demo today, and learn more about our golf tournament management software!

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