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An Early Spring?

The golf season is just around the corner! In fact there are only 5 days left until the official start of spring.

When I look out my window here in Toronto, though, it sure doesn't feel that way. A balmy -11°C with the wind chill. Snow is still an everyday occurrence.

Most golf courses in the area are just recently waking from hibernation and returning to regular operations. Real golf is still a month away at least...

If your like me, counting the days, you're dying to get out on the course again. And more than that you'd like to limit the 'rediscovery' phase. Anyone who lives in a northern climate is going to have a degree of rust in their game come early spring. The earlier you can get out swinging the clubs the sooner that unpleasant phase can be a thing of the past.

But aside from endlessly refreshing the weather forecast page, what can you do about it? This article over at Golf Digest highlights a great option!

If you live in a metro area there are surely golf simulators near you. I know I will surely be checking out a few of these facilities in Toronto in the coming weeks.

The Golf Lounge. Toronto, ON

A nice benefit of simulator technology is you often get access to your swing data. What better way to fast track your way through spring rust? At a very reasonable price point and a time commitment significantly less than a normal round, simulators are an excellent way to warm up your game while you wait out the last days of winter.

What are you doing to get your game ready for the golf season?

Trackman Golf

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