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One of the most important aspects to any golf tournament is to bring people together for a social day and to have fun!

There are several different competitions you can offer your participants and below is a list of the most common.

Closest to the Pin - Closest to the pin is quite simple, the golfers hit their tee shot and the closest to the pin at the end of the day wins.

Longest Drive - A longest drive competition is as simple as it sounds. On the designated long drive hole, the player who hits the longest tee ball will be declared the winner.

Straightest Drive - The straightest drive is a good competition for the entire group, as it doesn’t matter how far you hit the ball. We run a rope down the center of the designated hole and the participant closest to the rope is declared the winner.

Hole in One - A hole in one competition can be held on any of our par 3 holes provided you have adequate volunteers to monitor all insured holes. The first person to get a hole in one wins a “Grand” prize. Typically hole in one prizes are cash ($10,000, $25,000, $50,000 etc) or for prizes such as a new vehicle, a vacation, shopping sprees etc. Let our Tournament Staff help to arrange Hole in One Prizes and the hole in one insurance for your event.

Putting Contest - Another fun event for your guests. Our staff will setup a putting board and your participants will have the opportunity to test their putting skills.

Passport - If you are raising money for a charity, the sale of a passport is a great way to help raise a few extra dollars. One of the most common ways of using the passport is to include all of the extras in the tournament, such as the closest to the pin, long drive, hole in one etc. and charge a fee to participate. Often it is a good idea to include a special draw prize to all those who purchase the passport.

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